1. Introduction to Social Process

This one day workshop is the result of 20 years of experience working with groups. Rather than teaching facilitation techniques and frameworks, the Introduction to Social Process is based on five underlying and interconnected concepts. Like the foundations of a building these work in unison to stabilise and bring coherence to your group work practice. The workshop offers a number of important distinctions and powerful concepts that will change how you think and act in social life. The Introduction to Social Process workshop is a prerequisite for the five day Foundations of Social Process retreat.

You can register for an upcoming Introduction to Social Process workshop here:

9am - 4.30pm
Friday 4th October
Fickling Centre

9am - 4.30pm
Tuesday 8th October
Harbourside Function Centre

9am - 4.30pm
Friday 11th October
Christchurch Community House

2. High Performing Team

The modern workplace is a complex environment where people are expected to both be autonomous individuals and work together as a team. The High Performing Team workshop provides a set of frameworks and tools necessary for self-management and collective intelligence. In particular this workshop focuses on decision making, giving and receiving feedback, and basic social process literacy to support a high performing team culture. The workshop also features an embodied practice framework that I think is essential for understanding what it takes to realise the potential of organisational life.

3. Navigating Polarities

One of the challenges for human beings working together is our tendency to become polarised. A common example is around the need for change. Half the organisation is frustrated by the status quo and is excited about the potential of restructuring. The other half of the organisation is skeptical of restructuring and concerned about unintended consequences. Another common example is around processes and procedures. Some of your team likes the flexibility of making it up as they go along. The other half of the team is frustrated by the lack of accountability and consistency. Sound familiar? The Navigating Polarities workshop provides a structured environment where these tensions can be bought to the surface in a way that supports empathy and learning, and resolved in a way that is generative and even transformational.

4. Generative Dialogue

This workshop provides an introduction to group Dialogue in the tradition of David Bohm and William Isaacs. As a social process practitioner I know of no other process that gets at the essence of emergent practice like Dialogue. This experiential workshop provides the frameworks, techniques, and practices necessary for your group to start using this timeless and innovative practice. Dialogue really is a craft that needs to be practiced over months and years. The Generative Dialogue workshop is designed to get you and your group off on the right foot, and then the other foot, and so on.